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Yarraman Significant Frog Monitoring and Wallum Sedgefrog Monitoring Program – North Stradbroke Island.

Projects for Sibelco Australia. March 2005 – ongoing.

BAAM monitors four control sites and four potential impact sites for the presence of conservation significant “acid” frog species that are restricted to breeding within the acid waters of wallum ecosystems.  Results from yearly monitoring within sand mine lease areas are compared to results from control sites to identify any changes in frog population diversity/abundance that could be influenced by sand mining practices.

BAAM also conducts bimonthly frog monitoring and assessment of terrestrial habitat features at three potential impact sites within a second sand mining lease specifically for the EPBC listed vulnerable Wallum Sedge Frog.  Data are compared to control sites located remote from the potential impact zone.

The aim of the monitoring programs are to enable the early detection of any detrimental changes to the habitats of significant frog species that could be attributable to mining activities, allowing corrective action to be undertaken.