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Vegetation Mapping and Habitat Mapping and Habitat Modelling BAAM understands that gaining a clear understanding of the ecological values that may influence residential and industrial development potential on a particular site is critically important for both the project and the regulators.A key format for communicating the currently recognised ecological values and potential constraints to a residential or industrial development under relevant legislation is GIS-based vegetation mapping and fauna habitat mapping. BAAM has in-house GIS skills for the production of accurate and descriptive mapping that highlights sensitive areas and values as defined under government statutes. BAAM maps the distributions of significant species known or predicted to occur within a site by reference to mapped vegetation, waterways and ecological communities based on expert knowledge of species’ habitat requirements.Habitat modelling is particularly important for large scale projects and for projects where offsetting of specific species habitats is required.

The accuracy and clarity of the vegetation mapping, fauna habitat mapping and habitat modelling produced by BAAM provides a valuable, site-scale tool for developers and regulators for ecological decision making.

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