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Specialist vegetation mapping & flora survey services to meet your strict requirements

BAAM botanists have skills and expertise to confidently meet the strict requirements of both Commonwealth and State government agencies in the flora survey, identification and vegetation mapping of communities and plant species of conservation concern.

We’re the experts for your vegetation mapping requirements

Accurately attributed and delineated Regional Ecosystem (RE) vegetation mapping can be pivotal to the conservation outcomes of a wide range of projects. Such vegetation mapping depends on the input of high quality ground-truthed data from field surveys.

BAAM’s vegetation mapping botanists have the required knowledge combined with a close liaison with State herbaria to ensure that vegetation mapping is of the highest quality.

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Flora survey project specialists

BAAM’s flora survey botanists have extensive expertise in plant species identification for general flora survey projects.

Where there is any uncertainty in species identification, specimens are collected under our scientific purposes permit and sent to the relevant authority (e.g. the Queensland Herbarium) for verification. BAAM is continually providing herbaria with new information acquired during field flora survey exercises.

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Image courtesy of Paul Grimshaw

Image courtesy of Paul Grimshaw