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Vegetation Condition Assessment and Ecological Equivalence

BAAM’s skill in vegetation condition assessment and ecological equivalence are backed by expert-based training through the Queensland Herbarium

Assessment of vegetation condition is important for formulating management actions, measuring the impacts of land management techniques, understanding habitat values, and determining  offsets for clearing or otherwise disturbing native vegetation.

Each state and territory of Australia has developed standard methods for vegetation condition assessment.  Queensland has adopted “BioCondition” Assessment – A condition assessment framework for terrestrial biodiversity based on Queensland’s Regional Ecosystems.  Utilising this framework, vegetation condition is compared against relevant “benchmark” vegetation.

BAAM botanists are trained in the BioCondition survey methodology and have undertaken numerous vegetation condition, ecological equivalence and other benchmarking field surveys for a variety of projects.  Where benchmarks do not yet exist, BAAM has successfully modified the procedure to provide sufficient condition data to satisfy regulatory requirements and can also carry out full benchmarking surveys if required.

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