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Terrestrial Invertebrate Study

Hilliards Creek and Eprapah Creek Corridors, Redland City.

Project for Redland City Council 2009. 

The Redland City Invertebrate Study (RCIS) Stage 1:Hilliard Creek and Stage 2: Eprapah Creek are components of an assessment of the invertebrates of all the major catchments within Redland City. 

The study is directed and led by Dr John Stanisic of BAAM utilising the scientific resources of the Queensland Museum to assist with the survey and species identification.

The study is based on a model originally developed for use in invertebrate biodiversity surveys on a North Stradbroke Island sand mine site, and for the Brisbane City Council within Brisbane City bushland patches, with the aim of identifying groups of invertebrates that could be associated with key ecological processes, could be readily sampled and be used as on-going monitoring agents for environmental health and rehabilitation.


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