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Targeted Species Surveys

BAAM has the resources and expertise to undertake targeted species surveys for all terrestrial flora and fauna including species of conservation significance as well as invasive flora and fauna.  

Surveying for particular plants and animals requires an approach that is tailored to the relevant species. For species of conservation significance, the approach to targeted species surveys is often specified in Commonwealth and/or State guidelines.

Targeted species surveys require an understanding of the organism and its habitat requirements and the most appropriate survey techniques and timing.  BAAM has this expertise and has a wide range of specialised survey equipment that can be deployed depending on the target species, including Elliott traps, pitfall traps, harp traps, hair sampling devices, infrared-triggered cameras, microbat recording devices and spotlighting equipment.

BAAM’s ecologists employ field techniques that are customised to best suit the required scope of each of our targeted species surveys.

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