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Species translocation services BAAM has been involved in both the preparation and implementation of species translocation plans, including monitoring success of the translocation process. A great deal of understanding of the specific physical requirements of the translocated species is needed, together with a good deal of innovation to accommodate each unique translocation situation. Past experience in implementing and monitoring translocations is also critical for improved translocation success.

BAAM has previously been engaged by the Commonwealth to monitor and report on the translocation of EPBC Act listed species, and to direct the removal, housing and re-planting of individuals with follow-up monitoring. BAAM has also prepared full species translocation plans for quarry, dam and transport infrastructure projects, and monitored translocation success.

Species translocation has been undertaken in cases where populations of important species are under threat of extinction as well as in circumstances where a meta-population or even a few individual plants or animals of conservation significance are in the path of a development. In all cases, species translocation needs to be carried out with significant forethought and planning.

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