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Species Management Program for disturbing animal breeding places

Under the Queensland Nature Conservation Regulation (2006) it is unlawful to tamper with (damage, destroy, mark, move or dig up) an animal breeding place without an approved Species Management Program. An animal breeding place is one that is being used by a protected animal to incubate or rear the animal’s offspring.

The Queensland Government has prepared a generic Species Management Program for least concern species that may be approved for use on application, however a tailored Species Management Program is required for listed (Endangered, Vulnerable and Near Threatened) species, special least concern species and colonial breeding species where their breeding places will be affected by the proposed action/s.

BAAM has prepared Species Management Programs for a number of projects, including for activities associated with a major rail development, a major Greenfield industrial development and an island resort in the Great Barrier Reef.

BAAM has also been responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of Species Management Programs. This hands-on involvement has improved our understanding of the management techniques that work on the ground, and has subsequently improved the efficacy of the Species Management Programs that BAAM develops.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on ground experience are key resources for producing effective and practical Species Management Program that meets your needs.

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