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Flora and Fauna Management Plans, Vegetation Management Plans and Species Management Programs

Conditions of approval generally require that impacts on flora and fauna habitat or species are minimised. This requirement necessitates the application of specific mitigation and management measures to construction and operational phases and associated activities of mining, gas and quarrying projects. BAAM understands that these measures must be achievable to be effective. Working closely with our clients, BAAM develops flora and fauna management plans for significant species and important habitats as well as general vegetation management plans and weed and pest animal management plans for mining, gas and quarrying projects.

Fauna Species Management Programs are required to manage impacts on animal breeding places in Queensland as defined under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. While the Queensland government provides a generic program for species that are not of conservation concern, Species Management Programs are required for the breeding places of listed species and for the breeding places of colonial breeders. It is vital to have sufficient knowledge of the ecology of the subject species and the nature of the proposed operations to be able to develop a program that is both achievable on the ground and of benefit to the species concerned. BAAM has experience in successfully preparing and implementing fauna Species Management Programs.

BAAM works closely with project and site managers to ensure that the recommended management actions are achievable within the framework of the project.

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