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Flora and Fauna Inventory

BAAM’s ecologists are highly skilled in flora and fauna studies to provide species inventory, including the compilation of detailed lists ordered according to conservation significance

Flora and fauna species inventory gives a direct insight into biodiversity and is at the core of baseline assessments of terrestrial biodiversity. Inventories are typically the first point of reference for interpretive studies and for assessments of ecological values and allow conservation efforts to be targeted towards species of particular importance.

Flora and fauna inventory can be targeted to particular groups of flora or fauna, or may simply aim to survey as much of the local biodiversity as practicable. They are used to determine species richness, justification for conservation refugia and for promoting public awareness.  Flora and fauna inventory is often a specific requirement of environmental assessment studies, allowing regulators to understand the biodiversity significance of subject habitats.

Your flora and fauna inventory can be tailored to species conservation or the identification of development constraints and opportunities. Objectives of the inventory can include comparisons between past and present data in monitoring or auditing contexts.

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