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BAAM provides ecological advice for large and small infrastructure projects

BAAM has carried out over 100 ecological studies for infrastructure projects, including transport, energy, water, waste and port infrastructure. These have ranged from small-scale projects spanning a few hectares to large-scale rail and power line infrastructure projects that stretch over hundreds of kilometres. The scope of these ecological studies has included studies targeting threatened vegetation communities and flora and fauna species for planning and management purposes, environmental impact statements, preparation of species management plans and habitat management plans, identification and characterisation of biodiversity offsets and ecological monitoring to demonstrate compliance with project approval conditions. These infrastructure projects have benefited from the advice of BAAM’s experienced ecological consultants who have specialist knowledge of the ecosystems they are working in and species that may occur there, combined with a thorough understanding of the relevant legislative requirements. BAAM works closely with project managers at every step to ensure our service is responsive, providing the information, feedback and advice necessary for achieving the optimal outcome for each project. In very large infrastructure projects, BAAM has successfully implemented targeted ecological assessment approaches to minimise the costs of assessing large project areas while still meeting the requirements of the regulators. BAAM contracts directly to infrastructure developers/operators, or works as a specialist ecological consultants in a sub-consultant capacity to larger, multidisciplinary consulting companies. Our staff are well trained and well prepared, understanding, appreciating and complying with our clients’ and our own confidentiality, health, safety and environmental requirements for each project. Contact Us today we have the right ecological consultants for your project.