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Fauna Spotter-Catcher Experience

The presence of a fauna spotter-catcher on site during vegetation clearing activities has increasingly become a mandatory requirement for development projects. BAAM holds the relevant permits for undertaking fauna spotter-catcher activities in Queensland.

Our experienced team provide a full range of fauna spotter-catcher services (terrestrial and aquatic) to all industries. BAAM has the staff and resources to be able to mobilise teams quickly and at short notice if required.

BAAM fauna spotter-catchers receive in-house training from experienced fauna spotter-catchers, ecologists and wildlife carers. Our staff are skilled in all aspects of the job including pre-clearance surveys and the identification of fauna habitat features; species identification and recognition of threatened species; wildlife handling; wildlife relocation, treatment of injured fauna and reporting.

BAAM staff strive to work practically, efficiently and safely with clearing contractors, conducting all activities in accordance with both internal and Client Health and Safety procedures. 

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BAAM has amassed a wealth of experience in conducting fauna spotter – catcher activities for a wide range of projects, from major infrastructure projects through to the clearing of single house lots or individual trees. BAAM also provides Koala spotting services required under the Queensland Nature Conservation (Koala) Conservation Plan 2006 and Management Program 2006–2016 (the Koala Plan) and State Planning Policy 2/10 ‘Koala Conservation in South East Queensland’. The collective knowledge of our staff, some of whom have many years of fauna spotter – catcher, ecological and wildlife caring experience behind them, place BAAM as a leader in this field.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on-ground experience are key resources for producing efficient and effective fauna spotter-catcher services.

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