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Ecological sustainability is an integral part of contemporary residential and industrial developments.

BAAM has been involved in a large number of residential and industrial development projects, providing a wide range of ecological sustainability services contributing ecological information to master plans carried out by State and Local governments, preliminary due diligence assessments and concept design planning and advice and technical information for development applications and information request responses.As community standards continue to embrace the concept of sustainable living it has become critical for projects to deliver designs with due regard to ecological sustainability, not only to comply with regulatory conditions, but also to meet the expectations of their prospective customers. Central to the concept of sustainability is a clear understanding of the environmental issues confronting a project. These will determine the ecological constraints placed upon it by regulators whether they relate to discrete significant species or broader ecological communities of conservation value.BAAM is experienced in the delivery of ecological sustainability aspects of residential and industrial developments, including ecological assessments, flora and fauna surveys, mapping and advice on biodiversity offset requirements that meet statutory regulatory standards for a wide range of development planning.
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