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Fauna Spotter Preclear Survey and Reporting

Fauna spotter preclear survey involves the assessment of an area to be cleared so as to locate and flag habitat features for specific attention during clearing, as well as to recover and relocate any fauna encountered.

Effective preclear survey requires knowledge and experience of fauna species behaviour. All of our staff maintain competency in this respect.

A fauna spotter preclear survey also enables the prior identification of potential safety hazards that may become apparent during the clearing process and the formulation of strategies to manage these hazards. The preclear survey also allows BAAM staff to understand the terrain and vegetation to be cleared, as well as fauna species expected to be encountered, and to develop a preferred clearing strategy that can be discussed with the clearing contractor.

BAAM undertakes regular fauna spotter preclear survey work for projects including mining and coal seam gas projects, rail alignments, power easements, fibre optic cable alignments, new road constructions and dams. For each survey BAAM prepares a structured report that describes survey outcomes. Reports can be tailored to client requirements.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on-ground experience are key resources for producing efficient and effective fauna spotter preclear survey services. Contact Us today we have the right resources for your project


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