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Weed management plans and pest animal management plans

An integral part of BAAM’s work is providing advice for weed and pest animal management. BAAM field ecologists are trained to record exotic plants or animals that threaten the integrity of habitat for significant species or communities.

A weed management plan and/or pest animal management plan is typically required as part of an Environmental Impact Statement and are often incorporated into the overall Environmental Management Plan. Where particular species are identified as issues for local governments, such plans may be required to be submitted with Development Applications.

BAAM has prepared specific weed management plans and/or pest species management plans for conservation lands, rail corridors, tourist locations, mine sites, electricity transmission lines, residential and industrial developments, roadsides, pipelines, local plan areas and entire local government areas.

This has required sufficient knowledge of the target species to ensure proposed actions are appropriate and practical.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on ground experience are key resources for producing effective and practical weed management plans and pest animal management plans. Contact Us today we have the right ecological consultants for your project.

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