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Specialist Migratory Shorebird Assessment 

BAAM ecologists include migratory shorebird specialists who can undertake baseline and monitoring surveys, impact assessment and the development of relevant management plans for these species and their habitats.

Migratory shorebirds are a Matter of National Environmental Significance under the EPBC Act with very specific and detailed survey and impact assessment requirements. The identification of appropriate mitigation and offset measures also hinges on a thorough understanding of migratory shorebird ecology and shorebird responses to various forms of disturbance. BAAM can provide the migratory shorebird assessment skills required to address your needs. 

BAAM’s ecologists have the competence to carry out migratory shorebird assessment accurately and expediently. They are skilled at conducting both boat-based and land-based shorebird surveys over large survey areas, and in the identification and counting of shorebirds in large waterbird concentrations.

Our ability to interpret and contextualise our findings provides valuable information to our clients and regulators.

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