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Julie leads BAAM’s fauna spotting team. Julie has over 20 years of experience with wildlife rescue and management. She initially became involved with environmental issues through community based wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. This interest and involvement led Julie to setting up and coordination of a wildlife rescue service, which is now in its 14th year of service. The group has diversified into education, training, lobbying, and on-ground activities.

Julie has worked with numerous individuals and organisations examining impacts on wildlife and the environment. An example of her activity is Julie’s role as the chairperson of the former Koala Conservation Council for over five years and being appointed to the Steering Committee to establish a Wildlife Rehabilitation Council for Queensland. In the Logan area, Julie has served on various committees, including Logan City Council’s Greening Committee and the Daisy Hill Forest Reference Group. Julie has also assisted community based environmental interest groups to establish themselves into incorporated entities by providing technical advice and training for committee members.

In her role as the coordinator for the Logan wildlife rescue service Julie gained vast experience in all aspects of fauna management and particularly dealing with a wide range of fauna rescue, handling and release. This role provided Julie with a sound working knowledge of wildlife rescue equipment and procedures.

Since joining BAAM in 2006, Julie has continued these roles while gaining additional field experience, particularly in developing a working knowledge of fauna spotter operations and relevant legislation. This has allowed her to develop and deliver practical application of fauna spotter services to BAAM’s clients.

She has been responsible for the preparation of, or contribution to, habitat assessment reports to our clients and relevant applications, including addressing specific management requirements as well as general project management, including client and sub-consultant liaison, and fauna spotter/catcher team coordination.