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John Stanisic is a Director and Principal Biodiversity Scientist at BAAM. He retired as Curator and Biodiversity Scientist at the Queensland Centre for Biodiversity, Queensland Museum in 2008, retaining Honorary Fellow status. He was awarded the 2011 Queensland Museum Medal in recognition of his scientific career and his ambassadorial role in science and the Queensland Museum. He is also honorary Research Associate at the Australian Museum, Sydney.

John is Australia’s foremost expert on land snails and as a result of his efforts the Queensland Museum now holds Australia’s most significant land snail collection with over 200,000 specimens. He has written a number of publications on the systematics and biogeography of land snails. More recently he was lead author of the acclaimed ‘Australian land snails. Volume 1. A field guide to eastern Australian species’.

John is also a highly experienced invertebrate consultant and a Certified Environmental Practitioner (EIANZ). His work has been applied to many biodiversity assessment projects. In 2010 he was awarded Certified Environmental Practitioner of the Year by the institute for his work on the use of invertebrates in environmental assessment. He has undertaken work covering most invertebrate phyla, including aquatic invertebrates. He has undertaken faunal consultancies for the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry-Australia (AFFA), Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, Kuku Djungan Aboriginal Corporation and the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, as well as for a range of consulting firms throughout Queensland and New South Wales. He led the ground breaking invertebrate survey of Brisbane bushland for the Brisbane City Council and subsequently conducted a similar survey for Redland City and has established invertebrate monitoring programs for ecosystem health and development in offset areas.