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Jedd Appleton is a Director and Project Delivery Manager with BAAM. He is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (EIANZ) and an experienced project manager who has been responsible for the preparation and coordination of reports to a diverse range of clients and applications, including large Environmental Impact Statements.

During his 10 years as an environmental and ecological consultant he has fulfilled numerous roles in various aspects of environmental management that has required knowledge of numerous disciplines, particularly terrestrial, riparian and aquatic ecology, environmental legislation and planning.

Jedd has been involved in the management of numerous projects and participated in numerous comprehensive field surveys throughout his employment, as well as a number of professional and voluntary field and literature based research programs.

Key duties include:

Project delivery management, including project tracking, project team coordination, client and sub-consultant liaison, the preparation and coordination of fee proposals and preparation and coordination of ethics clearance and scientific use applications and procedures for regulatory authorities and BAAM staff;
Preparation of formal scientific, impact assessment and environmental management documentation for a range of clients and applications;
General field and literature based research, including specialist knowledge, coordination and application of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife trapping, observation and identification techniques;
Database preparation and management; and
Report editing for Quality Assurance purposes.