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Injured Wildlife Triage and Management

The correct management of injured wildlife is an important aspect of fauna spotting work. BAAM fauna spotter/catchers maintain experience and knowledge of wildlife first aid procedures as well as the handling and transportation of injured wildlife so as to minimise animal stress.

Importantly, BAAM staff have received training in assessing whether injured wildlife require veterinary assessment and/or euthanasia, and in conducting euthanasia where required. BAAM fauna spotter – catchers undertake all tasks associated with the treatment of injured wildlife as part of any fauna spotter / catcher activity.

BAAM also maintains relationships with a number of wildlife carers and veterinary surgeries across Queensland to ensure injured wildlife receive appropriate treatment by qualified and experienced individuals as soon as possible.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on-ground experience are key resources for providing efficient and effective injured wildlife triage and management. Contact Us today we have the right resources for your project.


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