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Vegetation mapping, habitat mapping and habitat modelling

Vegetation mapping in Queensland has specific rules which dictate the accuracy of the mapping in relation to the spatial density and type of data collected. BAAM botanists are trained and experienced in ensuring that vegetation data are captured specifically to inform the required scale of vegetation mapping for each project. Data are also of sufficient detail to map the type and extent of significant remnant and high-value regrowth regional ecosystems and threatened ecological communities, and identify any required amendments to current certified vegetation mapping.Impact assessment studies are increasingly required to undertake habitat mapping for Commonwealth and State listed flora and fauna species to meet requirements to offset habitat for species affected by infrastructure projects. Surveys and database search results contribute data to species habitat mapping, but it takes knowledge and experience to confidently characterise the habitat requirements of species and predict their presence or absence in any given habitat for habitat mapping and habitat modelling purposes.
BAAM always ensures we have the right people in the field to achieve the most accurate results.
BAAM uses a transparent, rule-based approach to vegetation mapping and habitat mapping and uses ESRI mapping products to import, create and analyse spatial data and produce high quality maps for project planning and reporting purposes. Contact Us today we have the right ecological consultants for your project.