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Ecological impact assessment for environmental impact statements

BAAM has undertaken ecological surveys and impact assessment for more than 80 Environmental Impact Statements, including major transport, energy, water and port infrastructure developments.

There are no prescribed methods or guidelines for the assessment of ecological impacts. Each consultant approaches these assessments in a different way. The foundation of the most accurate assessments is the ecological information on which they are based – if the baseline data has not been collected or interpreted correctly, it is not possible to predict potential impacts. BAAM has developed ecological impact assessment methods for large-scale infrastructure projects, such as railway lines and powerlines, to meet the Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Statements.

Our ecological impact assessment methods are clearly defined and have traditionally been trusted to provide a clear picture of the matters of ecological significance from which avoidance and/or mitigation measures can be planned.

BAAM’s team of specialists have the necessary experience to guide your project through the ecological impact assessment process. Not all ecological consultants can provide you with both the on-ground and executive-level expertise you need to be certain that ecological risks to the project are fully addressed.

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