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Flora and fauna studies for environmental impact statements

BAAM has contributed terrestrial ecological knowledge to more than 80 Environmental Impact Statements, including major transport, energy, water and port infrastructure developments. BAAM has developed targeted field survey, habitat characterisation and ecological impact assessment methods for flora and fauna studies for large-scale infrastructure projects, such as railway lines and power lines to meet the Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Statements while minimising the costs of assessing large project areas. BAAM has also made a considerable investment in specialist fauna survey equipment, which allows our fauna survey teams to undertake comprehensive baseline surveys in accordance with Commonwealth and State survey guidelines.An Environmental Impact Statement is designed to tell a story in layman’s terms based on often highly technical information, and it is BAAM’s ability to translate this information into a meaningful narrative that has often received praise from our clients, regulators and community groups.Our clients have full confidence in the accuracy of our flora and fauna studies and in our ability to provide a trustworthy and professional product on time and on budget that contributes positively to the Environmental Impact Statement process. Contact Us today we have the right ecological consultants for your Environmental Impact Statement.