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Constraints Analysis

Ecological constraints analysis for infrastructure projects involves the identification and mapping of threatened vegetation communities, species and their habitats within the project area of interest as these ecological values can be an important constraint on project development. Ecological constraints analysis should be undertaken as early as possible in the planning stages of a project so that options for avoiding impacts on important ecological values can be adequately considered. Starting constraints analysis early can avoid delays and save money. BAAM recommends a staged approach to ecological constraints analysis commencing with a desktop assessment, followed by field verification and mapping refinement. The outputs of the different stages of ecological constraints analysis can continually inform the project planning process as they are refined. Ecological constraints analysis will also identify likely biodiversity offset obligations where impacts on threatened vegetation communities, species and their habitats cannot be avoided.

BAAM’s team of experienced ecologists and GIS analysts will provide rigorous ecological constraints analysis to inform decision making and reduce the risk of project delays.

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