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Expert advice establishment and management of restoration and rehabilitation projects


BAAM can deliver Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects using a variety of approaches, ranging from utilising natural regeneration to complete fabrication. We can assist our clients to find the most suitable method based on the level of biotic and abiotic degratation at a site and the desired landscape objectives.

Our Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation services include:

– Restoration and Rehabilitation Plans, including needs analysis and the prioritisation of ecosystem services

– Various types of planting methods depending on the landscape objective

– Terrestrial and aquatic monitoring and implementation of strategic weed management

– Soil management and erosion control

– Restoration advice on Phytocapping design, implementation and management

– Forest resource inventories, growth rate analysis for rehabilitation and productive forestry purposes

– Fire management practices inclulding site assessments, burn preparation and fuel reduction management.

BAAM ecologists have developed habitat restoration and habitat rehabilitation plans for a number of projects ranging from local government bushland preservation programs to rehabilitation of mining sites and environmental offsets. BAAM promotes adaptive management based on a robust monitoring program as an essential adjunct to any habitat restoration or rehabilitation program.

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