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habitat restoration rehabilitation planning

Expert advice for your habitat restoration and habitat rehabilitation projectsHabitat restoration involves returning a degraded habitat or ecosystem to as near as possible to its original state, whereas habitat rehabilitation involves returning it to some degree of ecological functionality.Habitat restoration expertiseHabitat restoration is the more complex approach and suited to smaller scale conservation projects but is often difficult to achieve in highly altered landscapes.Habitat rehabilitation expertise

Rehabilitation of habitat is generally a more achievable outcome at the large scale and usually involves replanting vegetation and removing the causes of degradation from the ecosystem. In either case, a sound knowledge of the environment and environmental principles is fundamental to preparing a plan that will lead to a positive environmental outcome.

BAAM ecologists have developed habitat restoration and habitat rehabilitation plans for a number of projects ranging from local government bushland preservation programs to rehabilitation of mining sites and environmental offsets. BAAM promotes adaptive management based on a robust monitoring program as an essential adjunct to any habitat restoration or rehabilitation program.

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Photo courtesy of Paul Grimshaw

Photo courtesy of Paul Grimshaw