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Fauna Relocation Services

Fauna relocation entails the safe and humane transport of fauna recovered from clearing operations into alternative habitat that will cater to the requirements of the species.

This facet of our fauna spotter-catcher services requires staff to be skilled in a number of areas including species identification; knowledge of species specific refuge habitat requirements; correct fauna handling and transportation procedures; as well as knowledge of appropriate release times and procedures for particular fauna species). All BAAM staff have received training and are competent in fauna relocation.

To minimise stress, the capture and handling of wildlife on site is used only when it is essential to do so. As much as possible, wildlife is instead encouraged or assisted to move out of the work area of its own accord.

BAAM’s fauna spotters all have Senior First Aid Certificates, appropriate vaccinations (including Bat Lyssavirus) and all necessary PPE.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on-ground experience are key resources for undertaking effective fauna relocation. Contact Us today we have the right resources for your project


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