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Fauna Habitat Mapping and Habitat Modelling Services    

BAAM has the expertise to provide habitat mapping and habitat modelling across all fauna groups.

Habitat mapping and habitat modelling for fauna requires specialist knowledge of species’ geographical distributions, detectability, behaviour, community associations and ecological requirements. It extends the assessment of likelihood of occurrence into the spatial arena, permitting the assessment of known and potential areas of occupancy for each species.

This provides information on the value of particular areas to the relevant species and may be used to determine offset requirements.

Flora and Fauna Surveys

Ground-truthing through flora and fauna surveys enables fauna habitat mapping to be refined to a scale appropriate to a particular project. Alternatively, if required, a desktop approach can be performed based on existing vegetation mapping and BAAM’s expert knowledge on fauna species.

BAAM has experience with fauna habitat mapping and habitat modelling on a range of projects, including large-scale assessments spanning multiple bioregions.

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