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Ecological studies for environmental impact statements

BAAM has contributed terrestrial ecological knowledge to ecological studies for more than 80 Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), with over 25 of these for mining,gas and major quarrying developments.The comprehensive and yet open-ended nature of the Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Statements in relation to ecological matters requires specific expertise in targeting each assessment to identify the important issues and avoid the generation of superfluous and confounding information. Environmental Impact Statements are designed to tell a story in layman’s terms based on often highly technical information, and it is BAAM’s ability to translate these data into a meaningful narrative that has often received praise from our clients, regulators and community groups.Ecological studies for an EIS must provide a description of the terrestrial flora and fauna present and an assessment of their sensitivity to the proposed actions when addressing the impacts of extractive industries on the natural environment. Accurate baseline information prevents either neglecting to identify or over-estimating these ecological values – both errors which can cost time and money.Environmental Impact Statements also require specialist assessment of Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 in order to meet the Commonwealth Government’s Terms of Reference. The most relevant MNES to mining, gas and major quarrying developments often concern terrestrial ecological issues which BAAM has the expertise to assess with confidence.BAAM has developed habitat characterisation and environmental impact assessment methods for large-scale mining and gas projects to meet the Terms of Reference for EISs while also providing a valuable resource for the ongoing management of ecological values during the life of the project.Our clients have full confidence in the accuracy of our ecological studies and in our ability to provide a trustworthy and professional product on time and on budget that contributes positively to the EIS process and project certainty. Contact Us today we have the right resources for your environmental impact assessment.


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