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Reduce your risk with our ecological threat assessment expertise

An understanding of existing and potential threats to ecological values is an important component of any ecological assessment, and is specifically relevant to the development of appropriate conservation measures. 

Expert ecological threat assessment resources for your project

BAAM ecologists have been commissioned many times to provide insight into the complex range of factors that may influence specific ecological values. Threats to the integrity of a species population, vegetation community or ecosystem are not always apparent and require expert ecological threat assessment. If BAAM does not have the specific expertise, we have extensive contacts in government and academia where the appropriate expertise can be sourced and commissioned for your project.

Ecological threat assessment can take many forms

Ecological threat assessment can be as broad or as specific as required. BAAM’s recent preparation of the Background Report to the Recovery Plan for Littoral Rainforests and Coastal Vine Thickets of Eastern Australia, from which the national recovery plan for the community will be developed, provides an example of a very broad ecological threat assessment. This project required extensive community consultation for a threatened ecological community that stretches from North Queensland to Victoria.

BAAM also has extensive experience in assessing the existing or potential threats of road infrastructure to fauna, having been involved in some of the most innovative threat abatement solutions for safe fauna movement in Australia.

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