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Ecological monitoring services

The implementation of flora and fauna management actions requires flora and fauna monitoring to measure the success of the management measures. Effective ecological monitoring also provides feedback for adaptive management and for meeting internal and regulatory reporting requirements. Mining, gas and quarrying projects often require long-term ecological monitoring for measuring impacts to adjacent habitat and the progress of rehabilitation areas and offset habitat.

Working with clients and regulators BAAM seeks to establish the most efficient, cost effective and informative ecological monitoring programs that benefit both the client and environment. Through the expertise of its ecologists, BAAM can design, develop, undertake and conduct expert analyses of all aspects of flora monitoring and fauna monitoring, and has carried out detailed rehabilitation monitoring as well as monitoring of ecosystems adjacent to operations to measure ecological impact.

BAAM currently specialises in traditional flora and fauna monitoring techniques, but is also pioneering invertebrate survey techniques for the identification of a few, simple-to-collect, terrestrial invertebrate groups as indicators of ecosystem complexity and health.

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