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Ecological Legislation and Guidelines State and Local government legislation and planning regulate the use of land for residential and industrial purposes. In most cases local government authorities manage approval processes for development applications, with State regulatory bodies generally acting in referral roles in relation to specific issues unless projects are declared to be of particular significance and their assessment is coordinated by the State.Environmental values of a site are incorporated in strategic and town planning documents governed by local government laws and regulations. Commonwealth and State ecological legislation and guidelines are addressed as part of any development application.In order to adequately address government requirements for ecological assessment of residential and industrial developments, it is important to stay abreast of changes to ecological legislation and guidelines at all levels of government. BAAM ensures that its assessments are always informed by the most recent legislation, regulations, guidelines and mapping.BAAM focuses on the identification, prioritisation and management of ecological values within a development site in relation to existing ecological legislation and policy. BAAM’s commitment to understanding ecology-related legislation and planning policies for each project has historically resulted in timely development assessment with very few information requests from regulators.

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