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Ecological legislation and guidelines

Mining, gas and quarrying projects are subject to a unique set of ecological legislation and guidelines. BAAM has specialist knowledge of ecological legislation and guidelines specific to terrestrial ecology and has worked extensively at Commonwealth, State and Local Government levels, fine tuning our understanding of the needs of the regulators at each level to ensure that our work is hitting the mark. Our approach minimises delays and requests for further information during the approvals phase of a project.Legislation is often changing, and BAAM has systems in place to keep our staff up-to-date with the latest changes in ecological legislation and guidelines. This includes ensuring we have access to updates for threatened species lists and communities, the latest spatial information produced by government organisations, and the most recent guidelines for survey techniques that affect the accuracy and acceptability of our work.BAAM staff are also encouraged to attend professional development seminars and workshops dealing with the latest changes in ecological legislation and assessment guidelines and their potential impacts on both the environment and industry.

BAAM understands that guidelines exist to ensure the best possible outcomes and we will always work with our clients and the regulators to ensure that the techniques we apply and the timing of our surveys are providing the best results for the issues of relevance within the constraints of the project.

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