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Expert wildlife corridor identification & design ecologists

Expert wildlife corridor identification and design is essential because wildlife corridors allow the movement of species within modified landscapes, helping to retain biodiversity.

A wildlife corridor can maintain or improve biodiversity in a modified landscape

Since European settlement, much native vegetation has been cleared for agriculture and urban expansion. This has often resulted in the fragmentation of native habitat and isolation of animal and plant species into small populations whose long-term persistence is threatened by the lack of movement opportunities across the landscape. In order to maintain biodiversity into the future, expert wildlife corridor identification and design are essential.

Government support for wildlife corridors

Commonwealth, State and Local Governments are now actively promoting the reconnection of stands of native vegetation and the creation of corridors via wildlife corridor identification and design to facilitate the dispersal of fauna and flora. This effort requires the identification and conservation of remaining patches of vegetation such as protected areas, local bushland patches, parks and riparian habitats and connecting these in a network of well-designed wildlife corridors.

BAAM ecologists are always conscious of the need to maintain and establish safe and effective landscape habitat connections for wildlife and incorporate the ecological principles of wildlife corridor design into all projects where results will enhance conservation outcomes.

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