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BAAM whispering at annual Kids Day at the Cottage

On Sunday the 26th May the Moggill Creek Catchment Group will be hosting their annual ‘Kids Day at the Cottage’ at the Cottage Environment Centre on Gold Creek Rd, Brookfield. BAAM as part of its commitment to community and conservation will be present in an unlikely guise.


Kids Day at the Cottage promotes local biodiversity to the young, although the day is also for the adults. BAAM Principal Biodiversity Scientist, Dr John Stanisic, will be present as his alter ego ‘the snail whisperer’ with a display of local land snails. He will also exhibit several drawers of Queensland Museum land snail specimens showing the diversity of this group of invertebrates in both Australia and overseas. Invertebrates are a particular feature on the day as the cottage is festooned with posters of butterflies, beetles, native bees and other creepy crawlies. The cottage displays demonstrate the role of these creatures in the day to day running of healthy ecosystems.


The event runs from 10am-1pm and the snail whisperer will be spruiking the value of land snails and other invertebrates in the local environment.