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BAAM fine tunes Redland City Koala Habitat Mapping

Biodiversity Assessment and Management (BAAM) was commissioned by Redland City Council (RCC) to develop a definitive urban Koala habitat mapping product for the mainland areas of Redland City for use in the Redland Planning Scheme 2015.

The Koala Habitat Mapping exercise focused on delivering a refined mapping tool that identified primary and secondary Koala habitats within Redland City at a finer scale (1:5,000) than existing State mapping.  Koala habitat value categories were based on the well documented food tree preferences of Koalas for specific Eucalyptus tree species (AKF 2012).

The field surveys confirmed that Koalas were sighted or Koala scats were found substantially more frequently within mapped primary habitat than mapped secondary habitat or non-preferred habitat, providing strong support for the Koala habitat associations that underpin the habitat mapping rules.

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