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BAAM ecological consultant honours Ludwig Leichhardt

BAAM Biodiversity Scientist and ecological consultant, Dr John Stanisic has named a Queensland land snail in honour of German explorer and naturalist extraordinaire, Ludwig Leichhardt, in commemoration of his 200th birthday. The bicentenary of Leichhardt was celebrated in a special edition of the Queensland Museum Memoirs wherein a team of Australian researchers led by Queensland Museum scientists contributed 18 scientific papers dealing with 21 genera and 155 species, of which 9 genera and 123 species were new to science. An additional two volumes describe his exploits and achievements. Leichhardt’s expeditions contributed much to the early exploration of Queensland, and it was on one such expedition, to cross the continent east to west, that Leichhardt and his party disappeared never to be heard of again. The land snail, Denhamiana leichhardti, one of two in the newly described genus, is known only from the Carborough Range in inland central eastern Queensland. A sister species, Denhamiana laetifica, comes from the neighbouring Denham Range. Both occur in the brigalow bioregion which so intrigued Leichhardt from the very first encounter. BAAM ecological consultancy is pleased to have been able to be involved with this special event.