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BAAM ecological consultancy supports Eungella Biodiversity Project

BAAM ecological consultancy’s Principal Biodiversity Scientist, Dr John Stanisic, was invited to be part of a multidisciplinary research team participating in the Eungella Biodiversity Project. The project, funded by the Mackay Regional Council and led by Griffith Univeristy biologist Professor Roger Kitching, aimed to set up climate change monitoring sites in the Clarke Range, west of Mackay. Renowned for its natural beauty, Eungella is at the heart of the survey, with other sites as far afield as Finch Hatton Gorge, Mt Dalrymple and Mt Henry. A number of invertebrate groups were targetted during the survey including ants, moths and land snails. Birds, sampled by remote recording of their calls, comprised the single vertebrate group. In all four sites were surveyed at each of six altitudes ranging from 200 metres to 1200 metres. The information gathered during the current survey (dry season) would form part of the baseline data to be used as a reference point for future surveys. Another baseline survey (wet season) is scheduled for March next year. The Eungella sites form part of larger matrix of climate monitoring locations in eastern Australia set up by Professor Kitching. The other locations comprise Lamington National Park in southern Queensland and Mt Lewis in the Wet Tropics. BAAM ecological consultancy will continue to provide updates of the ongoing research on the Eungella Biodiversity Project.