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BAAM ecological consultancy sponsors Great Extinction Debate

BAAM ecological consultancy was pleased to be able to sponsor the Great Extinction Debate honouring the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland’s 50th anniversary which was held recently. Featuring four prominent scientists comprising Drs Michael Archer, Glen Ingram, Jonathon Cramb and Roger Kitching the debate was moderated by well-known local identity Dr Tim Low. Each of the participating scientists was invited to speak on behalf an extinct animal which they felt was worthy of rebirth using today’s genetic technology. Perhaps the most bizarre was the giant insect chosen by Roger Kitching. Anomalocaris was an aquatic dwelling 1 metre top predator known from Cambrain fossils. However, honours for the night went to the Gastric Brooding Frog championed by Glen Ingram and much supported by the 200-odd audience. A great night for WPSQ and BAAM’s ecological consultants who attended in force.