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ANHAT land snail database upgrade; AFD online catalogue update

Gastropoda, Pulmonata; Bush Blitz Biodiversity Program

Projects for DSEWPaC (2008 – present).

The Australian Natural Heritage Assessment Tool (ANHAT) is a map-supported database used to prioritise areas of natural heritage significance, specifically biodiversity. It is an integrated dataset of more than 30,000 species of plants and animals comprising more than 30 million records. Included among these are the land snail records from all the major State museums. The ANHAT database relies on valid and consistent species names and a clean set of locality data to ensure the accuracy of information used in biodiversity assessments. BAAM has been contracted to upgrade the taxonomic veracity of the various museum land snail databases and has thus far completed the Queensland Museum component comprising nearly 24,000 records. The development of this database on a national scale is seen as a priority for the proposed future use of land snails in environmental assessment.

The Australian Faunal Directory (AFD) is an online catalogue of taxonomic, distributional and biological information on all animal species that occur in Australia. The AFD currently includes over 116000 species in more than 9000 families. BAAM has been populating and updating the Pulmonata section of the Gastropoda which will comprise more than 2500 species when completed. Families covered to date include the Achatinellidae, Pupillidae, Cerastidae and Rhytididae. Although originally contracted by SEWPaC, BAAM now continues work on the additional families on a pro bono basis as part of a strategy aimed at making land snails more accessible to the environmental survey community.

Bush Blitz is a multi-agency partnership aimed at discovering new species of plants and animals on many properties that are part of the national reserve system. The program provides valuable distribution data on flora and fauna for ANHAT at a national scale. BAAM has thus far been involved In three Bush Blitz projects that have provided baseline data for land snails which will help protect this important component of invertebrate diversity.


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