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Alpha Rail Project
Geotechnical investigation ecological scouting, VM Act code assessments, NC Act permit requirements, pre-clear surveys and fauna spotting.

Project for WPAJV. 2011 and 2012.

The proposed rail line from Alpha Coal Mine to Abbot Point covers a distance of approximately 400km. Rail design required the collection of geotechnical information for the length of the proposed footprint. BAAM ecologists undertook ecological scouting in the proposed geotechnical drilling locations and access paths to determine the presence of significant vegetation, species or animal breeding places.

Our ecologists then provided our client, Worley Parsons, with desktop and field information to inform Vegetation Management Act and Nature Conservation Act permits, including addressing the relevant vegetation management codes for each location.

Once permits were granted, over the ensuing 18 months BAAM provided the Worley Parsons Ausenco Joint Venture (WPAJV) with teams of up to eight ecologists and fauna spotters to accompany the geotechnical drill teams into the field with the responsibility of providing advice to minimise ecological impacts, including the disturbance of significant vegetation, species or animal breeding places, and mechanical injury to fauna.

Records of all activities were undertaken and reporting to the regulator was carried out in accordance with the permit requirements.