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Quality Management

BAAM has established and maintains quality policies and procedures to ensure that our clients are provided with the services contracted.

Management and staff at BAAM are committed to achieving our policy objectives by providing a service that satisfies our client’s needs and fulfils their expectations.

Senior management is responsible for ensuring that the quality policy is established and that:

  1. our quality policy is appropriate to BAAM’s organisational goals and the needs of its clients. This functionality is reviewed during the management review process.
  2. our commitment includes the requirement to improve quality management as identified and required through the management review process and to undertake preventative measures when necessary.
  3. while it is the responsibility of senior management to ensure that quality standards are met, all staff are responsible for the quality of their own work.

Our Quality Management System is continually developing and evolving to meet BAAM’s needs and the needs of our clients.

Click here to view BAAM’s Quality Policy