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Health and Safety

BAAM is committed to ensuring a healthy and safe environment for our employees and those we work with. To achieve this goal, BAAM has a robust and integrated health and safety management system in place, where health and safety forms a core component in all of our business activities and is an integral part of the workplace culture. BAAM’s health and safety management system outlines the commitment from management and staff, and the policies and procedures that are in place to eliminate work-related injuries and illness.

We have an appointed Health and Safety Adviser to provide expertise on health and safety matters. This ensures we have the in-house capability to effectively assess and manage risks specific to each project, and work successfully with clients to ensure a healthy and safe working relationship, whilst ensuring we also meet the necessary health and safety legislative requirements.

BAAM strives to work closely with the client to ensure we have a thorough understanding of client policies, procedures and risk management. This enables us to encompass client requirements with our own risk management strategies. As a result, BAAM is able to develop comprehensive health and safety plans, which take account of significant site-based and job-related risks, and detail control measures to effectively manage these risks. Each plan is reviewed and updated on a daily basis when working on site to ensure our risk assessment approach is dynamic and relevant to the current situation.

Our staff are provided with appropriate, well maintained equipment and vehicles to meet client specifications. In addition, staff undertake comprehensive training programmes to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a healthy and safe manner at all times. Furthermore, we will work together with clients to ensure specific requests for inductions, training and medicals are met.

BAAM takes a proactive approach to health and safety and encourages the reporting of hazards so that we can endeavour to improve our health and safety record. This is supported by an established hazard, incident and accident reporting procedure which includes effective communication and consultation with clients, ensuring prompt resolutions to address any health and safety matters.

BAAM strives for continuous improvement in health and safety performance. We therefore regularly monitor and review both implementation and performance of our health and safety management system so that work-related injuries and illness can be successfully prevented.

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