Ecological Monitoring

BAAM has developed, implemented, analysed and reported on ecological monitoring programs involving simple species inventories to others in which complex statistically-based outcomes are required.

Ecological monitoring programs, both short and long-term, are basic to understanding the responses of species and ecological communities to project impacts, mitigation measures and management actions. Effective long-term ecological monitoring requires a clear and scientific understanding of the environmental issues and parameters involved, a robust and systematic experimental design incorporating feedback mechanisms, concise data collection and retrieval systems, expert data analyses and specialist interpretation.

BAAM ecologists have the expertise to manage all facets of the ecological monitoring process with the aim of attaining the best environmental outcome within the temporal and financial constraints of the project. BAAM works closely with clients to ensure that ecological monitoring programs provide relevant, valuable and timely information to inform practical and effective management responses.

BAAM’s in-house knowledge and on ground experience are key resources for developing and implementing effective ecological monitoring programs.

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ecological monitoring & management

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